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No. 6 Confessions

A confessions blog dedicated to the anime/novel/manga No.6! Feel free to submit any text or image confession, and we'll get it posted! Enjoy! :)
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I couldn’t separate them so I drew both :3 (They kill me)

I’m sorry I was this late

I’m sorry this is sad but even though I love them they always make me sad

I hope this was the palette you wanted anon (because I reblogged two different palette sets)

Hope you can get to see this :D

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There’s 3000+ of you?!

Well, that was fast!? Thank you for putting up with me for yet another year! And a huge welcome to everyone who is new!

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Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving. Shion will stay, and I will leave.

Nezumi… why won’t you come home? Why aren’t you beside me?

a hopefully unexpected No.6 beyond angst for nhayala

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-“Hey, you’re not bad.”

-“I’m just being led by you.”

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Please DO NOT read any of the doujinshi on September Scanlations.


The scanlation group, September Scanlations (Most famously advertised by Tumblr user fencer-x, its leading translator) knowingly scanlates and publishes doujin on her site which the artists don’t want distributed anywhere. There are two known cases where artists have asked them to take them down, and after they do, she’ll immediately turn on her fans and tell us not to mention it to them. Because if they know, they’ll make her take it down.

Just recently, they completely blocked all Japanese IP addresses in an attempt not to let artists find out about their scanlations. It’s all in the name of “helping” the fans who would normally not have access to them, but when is genuine theft ever okay? As an artist, I would never be able to sit and be alright with something like this, whether I was intending to give them permission or not. The fact that they don’t ask, and that they truly don’t care is wrong, and I can’t stand idly by.

Yes, while she does take them down when they ask, it’s not like she’s giving them any sort of chance to ask in the first place now. 

The site they posts all her scanlations to is September Scanlations. Here, they have quite a few doujin, for many fandoms, including Free!, Haikyuu!!, No.6, Uta no Prince-sama, K Project, and a few others. I ask that if you can’t report these transgressions to their original artists, then you should support them by simply no longer reading these doujinshi. It’s not fair to them, and it needs to stop. 

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